Friday, June 7, 2013

Trendy Entertainment Questionable Ethics

It has recently come ot light from several sources both inside and out of the studio that turmoil is rising
Game studio's awful work conditions are not surprising, such as they are with any other job outlet. You are expected to work long grueling hours and sacrifice certain aspects of human life. However according to the sources things have taken a turn for the extreme at Trendy Entertainment.

Such things as women being offered lower non-negotiable salaries often around $10,000 a year difference between men and women new hires. Jeremy Stieglitz having a strange fixation with making his in-game character models "Sexy" robot androids that look like Brazilian swim suit models. Not to mention at points he is seemingly uninterested in evolving games as he was said to be fixated on copying everything League of Legends does. Throwing out innovative ideas one after another in pursuit of the success seen by Riot Games.

The biggest issue is "forcing" employees under penalty of firing to work 10-12 hours a day 7 days a week, with no overtime fee. Which may not seem extreme compared to places such as Foxconn, but still presents a growing issue with the American market place. One employee stated that he was so afraid of being fired for taking a day of that he missed his cousin's funeral.

Seemingly everything stems back to very poor leadership via Jeremy Stieglitz with every known issue being related to him in some manner. Obviously Trendy Entertainment refused to respond to any of this, and after this story broke I imagine some "Lay-Offs" will be hitting Trendy, so hopefully this wont damage the release of Dungeon Defenders 2. Though several employees have already left and more plan to leave after Dungeon Defenders 2 being released. Good Luck in your future endeavors everyone suffering from the lackluster leadership.

Article by: Larry Harris

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