Monday, April 1, 2013

Austin Carlile Arrest Is Legitimate

The story was brought to light by my sibling since on April Fools Day I just completely ignore anything involving the media. The hunt was on to discover as many details humanly possible and this is the result so far.
Austin was arrested in Bowling Green, OH for felonious assault outside of 149 North at 2:50 a.m. along with the band’s drum technician, Loniel Robinson, according to police reports. The police were responding to a call about two groups of individuals fighting, and when they arrive a man was unconscious. The argument was sparked supposedly after the unnamed man started making fun of the now deceased Katelyn Norman. A fan of the band to the extent that Austin had her name tattooed onto his leg. 

The end result was this fellow being sent to the Wood County Hospital with fractured nasal bones. According to the Bowling Green Municipal Court, Carlile and Robinson were scheduled for video arraignment at 8:30 this morning. His mugshot is now also available to view...

Hopefully everything works out for the best, though not much is guaranteed until the details of the event are further outlined.

Article by: Larry Harris with help from Steven Harris

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