Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Face Of Lollipop Chainsaw

I do not usually get wrapped up in IGN's affairs because we have a vast difference in what can be considered competent media. I could continue to harp on their success, among other things but we are however here to support a different cause.
Over the past year I have supported various causes and persons of interest to reach their unique goals. Today I am reaching out to all of you that frequent this site to over 150,000 views to help a little lady known as Jessica Nigri. I personally have been a fan for quite some time and hold her as one of the most dedicated cosplayers outside of be fair of course. Her goal is to be the face of the upcoming Lollipop Chainsaw game, and we are going to make sure she gets it. Voting is going on over at IGN, and will continue until 9 AM Pacific tomorrow so now is the time to get those last minute votes in. Considering you can vote to your hearts content I am expecting at least 1000 votes for each viewer. You can watch her video at IGN or just scroll down and start voting for her. I'm not asking for much, just simply for you to vote until your fingers no longer exist. Whether your motives are purely to help her out or driven by lustful desire, I ask you to harness it and help her keep living the dream.

The Choice is simple vote Jessica or GTFO

Article by: Larry Harris

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  1. Read this cause Jessica linked it. I support this cause. Earlier I voted about 50 times and ign put me on a cool down phase for voting too much.

    Defiinitely want Jessica to win. She's the best candidate in my eyes.