Tuesday, June 4, 2013

And I'm Back At It Again

After spending a hectic few days at Philadelphia's Comic Convention I am back and still astonished by the 1.5 million views.
With E3 coming up and then Warped Tour about a month after it will certainly be a pleasant next few months. Not to mention the crazy amount of games that are already out and coming out in that time, tons of anime, and new music. So over the next few days I will attempt to get a rhythm of juggling my work life with my internet life, something that will likely end in a hail of gunfire. Until then check out some of my awesome experiences at Comic Con 2013.

That Suit Was Crazy Heavy

This book is my prized possession now signed by Kirkman, Rooker, Reedus, and Bernthal. Hopefully I will get every person involved with the Walking Dead someday.

Article by: Larry Harris

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