Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hey There I've Missed You

So we have parted for quite some time partially because of work and Diablo 3. However this article is not to discuss my likes or large list of dislikes when it comes to Blizzard's new Action RPG.
Nope...we are here to discuss the future of gaming and graphics engine. After getting several peeks at both the CryEngine 3 and Unreal Engine 4, it is safe to say the future is stunning. Many have complained about the engines saying that the additions are merely aesthetic and do not offer real substance however the concepts of graphic design probably greatly escapes their brain. Graphics engines right now can only sustain so much stress with current games hence why frame rates drop and graphics often crash. These engines under great stress can put out about 4,000 times the amount of power without little to any frames dropping, a feat. greatly needed with these clunky structured games nowadays. Not to mention the major improvements these engines offer just to enhance dynamic lighting, so that it consumes less time and simplifies the process giving developers more opportunities to use it. Even though Crytek does not usually rent out their engine they still have made some vast improvements in games and cinematics. Unfortunately if rumors are true a console will have to be far more powerful than today's models by a rather large number to fully utilize these engines. Regardless of system specs here is just the basic idea of what is being done with the latest is graphic and physics design.

CryEngine 3

Unreal 4 Engine

Article by: Larry Harris

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