Saturday, June 8, 2013

Another Reason I Should Finish Learning Japanese

The PSP had some rather excellent titles released in Japan throughout it's lifetime. "Even If You Tell  Me To Work" is just adding to the list, sadly the English speaking regions as always are left with a mediocre paper weight.
In this title you play a NEET which is a Japanese acronym for "Not in Education, Employment, or Training" essentially this translates in English to "Free Loading Bum". The entire premise of this game is to convince adventurers to risk their lives in dungeons and split a bit of profit with you in an effort to get out of debt. From that point you will be dividing your new loot finding friends into teams and sending them into terribly dangerous areas to retrieve items.

As you gather items you will also be able to open up shops in town to benefit the townsfolk and also dig your way out of debt faster. There are many other great things such as unique adventurers with special missions to gain their employment. Though sadly it is very unlikely we will ever see this title outside of Japan. Our only hope may be so ways off when Sony stops firmware updating the PSP so we can get a proper emulator on PC. Perhaps then some nice folks will translate this and many other great Japanese titles for us to enjoy as well.

Article by: Larry Harris

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