Tuesday, May 28, 2013

So We Finally Made It.

After a couple of months teetering on the edge of 1.5 million views last night it finally happened. This is something that from the very beginning I never really expected to achieve.
A blog that started out as a broken dream between my friend and I turned into a way of expressing my point of views on those that chose to read. While I may not be very attentive at times, sporadically posting over weeks. Many still came to understand my frustration with the way media is being handled in this day and age. I digress however, instead of rambling about my ideas I'd rather help give free publicity to those that helped me achieve 1.5 million views the most.

Jessica Nigri

There are endless amounts more, but sadly it would take me forever to continue posting them. So to save time I'll simply say thanks to everybody. I'm not a journalist by any stretch of consideration, though the qualifications to be one seem to be at their lowest point recently. However I thank everyone for at least trying to make me relevant in this continuing days. So "Three Cheers To Everyone!" that has been with me for this rather bumpy ride. Even though the future is readily uncertain I will continue to do my best to post my opinions and keep readers happy.

Article by: Larry Harris 

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