Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Xbox One Vs. PS4

No surprise that an article such as this will be posted today. We have ended round one of the face off in this "Console War" since we feel the need to make everything a tale of violence.
While neither side presented any physical form of innovation, there were plenty of words tossed around.

  • Sony took a route that involves allowing easier access to digital content and cooperation with indie developers.
  • Microsoft partnered with NFL and other media resources to solidify a new frontier of entertainment that is essentially interactive television.
  • Sony showcased several game engines along with a couple games.
  • Microsoft said they will have 15 Xbox One exclusive games coming in the first year...8 of which are new IPs.
  • The technical specs are similar on both platforms aside from a few minor differences.
  • They both have yet to announce prices and solid release dates
  • Neither has cleared up "Used Games and Always Online Policies"
  • Sony and Microsoft seemingly wasted tons of money to tell us they had a console coming even though we were all aware of that.

The loser in a surprising twist is...Nintendo. For continually refusing to move on from the past and consistently being 12 steps behind their betters when it comes to consoles. I'm convinced that if Sega were to make a platform it would outsell Nintendo almost instantly. Nintendo should close their doors on console gaming and stick to handheld titles.

On a serious note, the struggle for power is close between Sony and Microsoft, both parties choosing to branch out in opposite directions. Sony will meet with great success if they increase their exclusives catalog and actually have games on the console launch date. Microsoft has an uphill battle selling the whole "Interactive TV" aspect to hardcore gamers, though it won't matter since Call of Duty: Ghost will sell about 82% of their consoles for them. 

Article by: Larry Harris

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