Saturday, May 11, 2013

Some New Pokemon X/Y Info

With the release slowing incoming we have a bit of information to share via CoroCoro.
The big surprise is the ability to customize your main character, something very new to the series. As of now they state that only hair color and skin shade are interchangeable, either way it is a step in the right direction. This feature was also in the widely successful Fire Emblem: Awakening, so clearly Nintendo is finally figuring out what works for the genre.

Also four new Pokemon were showcased including one named Gogoat, which is a riding Pokemon, though very little detail was shed on the riding aspect.

My hope is that Pokemon will take a slightly more mature story theme targeted towards teens and young adults, rather than children. Lets face it little kids are not playing Pokemon for the story. Only time will tell either way I am excited for a full 3D Pokemon adventure just in time for my birthday.

Article by: Larry Harris

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