Thursday, May 9, 2013

Falling In Reverse...Literally

Normally I have no issues with bands experimenting or just changing genres all together. Musical integrity is a huge part of how I assess my reviews along with overall quality.
That being said, Falling In Reverse released a new single off of their upcoming album that definitely ruffled a vast majority of peoples feathers. If you haven't heard or seen the video just give it a listen before you continue reading.

I have nothing against rap aside from its inability to adapt and evolve beyond thug imagery and stereotypes. Much like country rap hasn't changed in about 20 years. Not to generalize any genre because their are some excellent artist in both of those previously mentioned however they are seldom heard over white noise. Back to Falling In Reverse their transition with "Alone" was rather drastic though not very surprising. I actually find the song quite catchy at moments however I found the lyrical content to be a step backwards.

I understood Falling In Reverse's first album Ronnie had been through more than most and needed to unleash. However after hearing this song not much has changed and at points he even digresses. I find it insulting that he pretty much says if we don't support everything he does we can just go F@%K ourselves. Doesn't leave much room for growth when you won't allow any criticism without extreme backlash...much like that of a scolded child. I get that the internet can be cruel with its ability to hurl abuse at anyone for any reason with complete anonymity, but sometimes you need to listen and absorb opinions with a more open mind.

My fear is not for the genre change, but for the evolution of the band. Sometimes you just have to move on, but instead it seems as though Falling In Reverse is clinging to something they do not need. If they just diversify their lyrical content I will more than welcome the new Falling In Reverse. However if every song off the upcoming album echoes "Alone" then they are going to have a very rough time surviving, without major support from Ronnie's female following. To further clarify listen to this track from The Color Morale in comparison to the above track...and tell me why Falling In Reverse is still a better band. It's time to evolve and grow or fade...

Article by: Larry Harris

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