Sunday, April 21, 2013

Final Fantasy XIV Jobs And Classes Reborn

Final Fantasy XIV has been through the ringer straight from the gate. When I first played the beta so many years ago TWO WEEKS prior to launch there was a vast amount of issues. More surprising was they decided not to fix any of them before launch.
This obviously lead to the game tanking and getting some of the lowest scores ever garnered. Several months in Square Enix decided that instead of scrapping the title, they would instead, fire the entire development team and try to fix the mess. Flash forward a couple years and we are on the brink of a relaunch to quite possibly one of the most beautiful games to date. Hopefully this is a reflection of the changes made in the game.

Gladiator - Class

Pugilist - Class

Marauder - Class

Lancer - Class

Archer - Class

Conjurer - Class

Thaumaturge - Class

Paladin - Job

Monk - Job

Warrior - Job

Dragoon - Job

Bard - Job

White Mage - Job

Black Mage - Job

There aren't many other specific details pertaining to the class and job system. One notable difference is the simplified system compared to the overloaded and pointless job system in the previous version. Visually the graphics still look stunning, my hopes are fixed job quest, and more fluent dungeons and combat.

Article by: Larry Harris

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