Wednesday, November 28, 2012

2nd Annual Three Cheers Awards Incoming

It is almost December which means several things, No Shave November is almost over, Christmas is coming, and the 2nd Annual Three Cheers For Media Nominees are on their way.
We have a more urgent issue first, Sui Generis the game I posted about several days ago. Since they you guys have helped with raising almost 50,000 Euro for the game. However with 24ish hours left we are still 20,000 Euro short of the goal so we really need to push and get this game made so everyone can truly enjoy the greatness it holds.
Sui Generis

With that out of the way we can move on. I have finally decided to proceed with my post apocalyptic book which still has yet to be titled, feel free to send ideas my way. This along with tons of new art I still have to upload to my deviantart page:

This will not impede the award choices they will be up by the 10th of December so keep your pants on...or don't. Zipper is back on board for the time being so we might actually get some reviews going again if I can go a week without working 60 hours. I'll also be doing some preliminary work to find another author to help out so perhaps this site will be going places. STAY TUNED

Article by: Larry Harris

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