Friday, November 30, 2012

Closing In On 1,000,000 Views

It's been almost 2 years so one million views was inevitable, still I'm allowed to be happy.
Even with my lack of attention people still continued to pour into the site which means I must at the very least be on to something. So we have now reached a point of no return and instead of dwelling on the road ahead or behind, let us check up on our friends at Crate Entertainment and their creation Grim Dawn.

These guys have come a long way since we last left them with a successful Kickstarter..Here is where they are:

  • New HUD

  • Fancy Monsters

  • Game Is Bigger Than Expected (Rumored 20+ Hours)
  • All 5 Masteries Are Over 75% Complete
  • They Now Have 115 Custom Designed Hero Monsters
  • Quest Creation Tool Is Near Complete
  • Alpha Phase Release Slated For Early 2013
They have truly come such a long way with the team size they are working with. I hope to see plenty more in the future especially with Alpha Testing coming so soon. Also Congradulations are in store for Sui Generis which was funded via Kickstarter for almost 257,000 dollars. That will truly be a game to keep an eye on.

Article by: Larry Harris

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