Saturday, November 24, 2012

Lets Get Sui Generis Made!!!

As an avid follower of everything on Kickstarter I was recently browsing when I stumbled upon this gem.
Sui Generis is a vast attempt to finally bring fully realized game physics to the forefront. The mechanics alone have me mesmerized even though the animations are lacking. Bare Mettle Entertainment has loads of ground work done, but has called upon Kickstarter to help get their dream fully realized. I would also like this to happen so we are going to help. Yes I am aware that the Kickstarter currency is Euro so it may seem confusing to those that have never used a computer before, just search the rate difference. Check out the video and watch all of the mechanics in motion, you will then realize the vast potential this game has to truly change the way we play action RPG games.

There is also another video further explaining the combat mechanics and why the animations are terribly drunken and wonky.

DONATE and hopefully this game gets the backing it needs to finish.

Article by:Larry Harris

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