Thursday, July 5, 2012

Warning Expletives Inside!!!

So after a month of self-adjusting and idealizing how I choose to be perceived. When it comes to reviews the constant struggle to interject personal opinion is always present, however it also creates a large bias. Websites like IGN and all of their associate networks feed off of this stigma, by constantly posting pandering articles. A clever tactic that even I find myself becoming involved with accidentally. Constantly padding my personal opinions with optimism when all that really needs to be said is how fucking lazy a majority of the mass industries have become. FYI There are tons of FUCKS in this article...FUCK!

Call of Duty and Battlefield
Only difference is the time it takes to get between conflicts and sometimes the weapon load-out. The only reason it has such a following is because the simplicity reaches out to so many. Call of Duty was crafted on the PC and simplified on the console, where competitive matches took cunning and map manipulation all it takes now is a lazy cross-hair spray or a burst shot at roughly point 0.0 Y and 0.0 X on your screen. The complexity of map design has been hashed out to paying fucking 20 dollars for NEW...old maps. The days of Quake and Unreal have been flattened thus making me realize Laziness > Intricacy. Two math jokes in one rant...should have proof read this.

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim
This franchise is a shining example of what is wrong with almost every Developer/Publishing company. Elder Scrolls used to be a game that people invested years of time developing the lore and searching every single nook and cranny. It has now become a disaster of bugs which I have mentioned previously should not be surprising with Bethesda's track record. Skyrim had an idea that could have been realized, but the mass media wanted something flashier and less complex, so we got a relatively linear game with large amounts of empty land. I say "Linear" based simply on the fact that a majority of the quest are all the same and some quest just repeat forever. THERE IS FUCKING DRAGONS THOUGH OMFG DRAGONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes we sacrificed the largely lore oriented and very hardened series for fire breathing lizards that have been in every fantasy game ever...very unique...All of this is being said without detailing the close too probably 250,000 bugs (rough estimate...there could be way more) this game had on every console...which by the way they are still fixing... and I know that they won my coveted Three Cheer For Media Game of The Year Award...and that is very sad that I had to choose a grossly messed up game to win however my reasons were this...the Mod Community...even if Bethesda sold this series out the fans never gave up fixing a majority of the bugs themselves and adding all of the content this game actual WARZONES!!! Come on this game was all about a war, but even with all that empty space nobody was ever fighting over anything. So thank you Skyrim Mod Community, YOU MADE THIS GAME AMAZING.

Final Fantasy XIII/XIII-2 and XIV
Hmmm...the XIV had a more compelling story and it is an MMO...that should really speak for itself. I've got hope that FF XIV 2.0 will be successful,but I'm also hoping that Santa Claus returns my calls soon. The monster system was nice in XIII-2, but it still sucked. Sure glad Square Enix isn't going to remake FFVII or VIII any time soon, but they are working on more FF XIII games....< Tons of fucking sarcasm.

Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age 2
Sure glad Bioware has their artistic integrity because they lost their best lead writer and all of their respect along with him. Drew Karpyshyn...I was confused why you left 3 weeks before Mass Effect 3's release but trust me I understand.

Witcher 2
You've done well molding mature RP games that don't involved overly depressed anime style characters.

Japanese Publishing Companies
STOP GIVING US THE SHITTY JAPANESE TITLES!!!! Don't waste your time regionalizing the games that hardly even sell in your own country and then blame us for them flopping in America. Have faith that we do want great Gundam games and we still strongly support Turn-based RPGs. Records of Agarest War Zero was a great game and wasn't butchered by American voice actors. Dragon's Dogma was an amazing new IP and I cannot wait to see new titles with the same mechanics. PS...on a personal note a new Zoids/Gundam Tactics game would be awesome with tons of  fucking customization not just 12 parts...just saying.

Minecraft, To the Moon, Limbo, etc..
Keep up the great work, while your games may not have flashy explosions or 45 millions dollars worth of CGI you still managed to make AAA quality titles in their own right. The world needs more substance and less suit monkeys and more actual game developers. Now that Kickstarter is a big fucking deal we can finally choose the titles we wish to see made and influence them at a semi personal level.

I love all the teams that work hard on these games, but don't be surprised to hear this "Your bosses are using you as pawns to better pad their pockets". Also another FYI...PC games are are we would like more please.

Article by: Larry Harris

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