Monday, June 4, 2012

The Only Interesting Thing At E3 So Far

I was less than surprised by the lack of surprise E3 has presented so far. With the usual trailers and constant pandering for us to spend more money on useless commodities E3 is living down to its expectations so far.
Halo 4 fails to impress looking like a clear Crysis rip off. Gears of War is making yet another game that pretends to have a deeper story than "Me Big Guy, Me Shoot Alien". Call of Duty showcasing how unique they are by simply copying everything Battlefield is already doing..."destructible environments and fighter jets?...that seems strangely familiar". Splinter Cell transitioning from a stealth shooter to an action third person shooter. Xbox continuing to show us how much of an interest they have in money and not quality gaming. "Wait you are telling me all of the things I can watch on TV I can now pay to watch on my Xbox attached to my TV?!!". XCOM appeared yet again stating it will be out in October...maybe. All this along with several other games promising to be released soon, which will presumably keep getting pushed back "TOMB RAIDER!!!". THQ throws their most diverse game UFC to EA...meaning the diversity will quickly be snuffed out. It is looking like a grim future so far for the gaming community. There is a beautiful light however shining from of all places the EA Conference, I give you SimCity.

A game that sticks to its roots and simply offers you the chance to build your own nation only to have it destroyed by aliens and monsters. SimCity shows us that sometimes you don't have to shoot things in the face in order to feed your God Complex.

Article by: Larry Harris

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