Friday, July 6, 2012

Fable Creator Is Potentially Insane

Peter Molyneux's new game was announced for release some time next month,slightly surprising. He then proceeded to showcase how crazy he has become since the original Fable launched all of those years ago.
Curiosity is the title of his first of 22 "Experiment" series, and the idea is terribly outlandish. Players will break apart a cube to find a secret inside which Molyneux claims is "so valuable" and "life-changingly important". He continued saying things such as it will be a media circus and attract worldwide attention. This game will allow up to one million players to break apart this cube to find the secret. However only the person that reaches the core will get to see the secret. It will also feature micro-transactions ranging from 50 cents to 50,000 dollars to purchase better pickaxes.
Now I hate to state the obvious,but why would I spend 50,000 dollars in the worst world economy ever, just so some kid I've never met can get the secret for 50 cents when I fall asleep for ten minutes. The entire concept of this turned me off and the thought that Peter Molyneux can teach me something that changes my life is quite ridiculous. I wish him all of the best in his future "Experiments", but I am getting off the crazy train.

^This Is What Curiosity Reminds me of^

Article by: Larry Harris

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