Wednesday, May 2, 2012

To Infinity And...

After celebrating the debacle that is Three Cheers For Media I was left with plenty of questions. Many of which I myself could not answer, because for lack of obvious reasons I am no Soothsayer.
I tried contacting Miss Cleo, but apparently her phone lines are no longer active...However this questions will on go away on what the future holds. After being offered a chance to help out over at Media Killed Reality, a site operated by a friend, I find myself hesitant to leave behind the thousands of viewers I receive on an infrequent basis. I decided until things are further ironed out I will continue traveling forward on this majestic dragon I call Three Cheers For Media. Heck, I might even juggle both opportunities depending on how required I might even be over at So I will keep everyone in the loop for that transition and also do my best to keep putting up content to feed my masses.

Article by: Larry Harris

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