Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Starting "Play Day" Early With Some Donations

Long ago there was a time, when if you wanted a either made it yourself or waited for a major company to pick it up. Well I am here to say "No longer will I pay $60.00 for a mediocre experience, my voice shall be heard damn it!!!".
Shortly after that statement I realized there is a lot of hard work involved...then came Kickstarter. Now I can help fund games that I think have the potential and may actually have a say in the development of certain aspects. The days of getting crapped on by Activision, Capcom, Sony, etc... are over. Our time is now, so get out your wallets and start donating to help indie developers create masterpieces. Also in most cases you can snag some pretty sweet swag.

Here are some projects I recently backed:

Shadowrun Returns:

Grim Dawn:


Ron Paul: Road To REVOLution:


Echoes of Eternia:


Legends of Eisenwald:

Out of all these projects Kitaru had the best pitch trailer...just watch it...

Also for those unaware no money is taken if the project does not meet it's goal, so there is no concern for scammers. DON'T FORGET "PLAY DAY" IS TOMORROW AND TO KEEP THREE CHEERS FOR MEDIA IN YOUR MIND AS WE FINISH OUT YEAR ONE!!!

Article by: Larry Harris

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