Wednesday, May 9, 2012

MCR Steps Up And Craig Owens Steps Down

I have lost loads of faith in the music industry recently, seeing bands ruin great opportunities just becomes too much to stomach after awhile.
So after being devastated by the dismembering of D.R.U.G.S due to Craig Owens leaving to rejoin Chiodos. A decision I fully hate,why would you destroy a band that had potential to soar past others? This is a logic I never completely grasped with bands constantly breaking up, no wonder everyone wants to be a solo artist. That terrible news aside I am then told Blink 182 is also backing out of Bamboozle due to emergency surgery required for Travis Barker. Not a huge loss on my part since my love for Blink-182 died in the 90's.

However the band replacing them is almost enough for me to buy tickets alone. My Chemical Romance has opted to step in for Blink's absence Gerard Way, is by far one of the greatest stage performers of our generation. So while many will be saddened by this news I ask you to reconsider and at least search YouTube and confirm my brash assumptions. Either way Bamboozle will still be a great time for all involved, and as for Craig Owens...

Article by: Larry Harris

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