Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Thine Coming Days

I've been absent quite some time, like a neglectful parent to say the least. Three Cheers For Media has a birthday coming up on the 26th, to celebrate one full year of semi dedication.
While trying to celebrate this day I will also be attempting to figure out a schedule if work ever gives me a chance at a normal situation. That being said I have decide to dedicate April 26th not only as Three Cheers For Media's one year old birthday, but also as a "Play Day". Everything seems to have a day so I want gaming to attempt one as well.
Life sucks...it is a general consensus, everyone is always working themselves to death. As part of "Play Day" everyone is required to neglect their real life duties even if it is only for several minutes and pick up a digital game. Whether it be Angry Birds or Dark Souls, I shall let you decide on that. So be prepared to celebrate April 26th the best way possible...by ignoring your family, friends, and loved ones to immerse yourself in a false reality. Here is to the coming days, may they be long and digital...

Question: Can I play games like Call of Duty or Battlefield to celebrate "Play Day"?
Answer: I guess...though if you own a copy of The Sims...I would consider that more of a game...

Article by: Larry Harris

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