Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Nintendo E3 2011 Conference Wrap Up

I thought all of the major showcases were somewhat of a letdown, but I was even less impressed by Nintendo. Everyone knows my long standing hate for Nintendo since they abandoned their core gamers for kids and old people. That being said there were some nice game showings, but the majority of the conference was a complete wash out even with the new system.

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Now this game looks very good other than the ridiculous jesters you have to make to play certain aspects of the game. The biggest issue being they keep mentioning that this game is nowhere near completion, but its set for a holiday 2011 release...which troubles me. Exactly how great is this game going to look in comparison to Modern Warfare 3, Ghost Recon, Deus Ex, Gears of War, and some other amazing titles? Nintendo's cute charm can only work for so long before they have to start making actual games.

Fortune Street
Mario Party meets Monopoly...simple enough

Mario Party 9
...I hope it has the same awkward motion control games that way I have to explain I'm playing a game and not practicing to do sexually themed things.

Kirby Wii
This is a legitimate Kirby game, not just a game they made but forgot a cute character so they threw Kirby into it. There looks to be some fun multiplayer, and it's nice to see that Kirby has his copy ability back again. I may have to stop using my Wii as a paperweight and try this game out when it gets released in fall 2011.

Kid Icarus: The Uprising
This is Nintendo's golden egg of 2011, even though it is coming out at the very end of the year. Everything about this game has potential to be a blast, so let us hope they don't screw it up in the next several months. It's also been rumored to have up to 6 players, but at this time I am unsure of how they are incorporated into the game.

Mario Kart 3DS
It's pretty much what you can imagine, Mario and his cast of characters are once again racing. This game is also rumored for holiday 2011.

Luigi's Mansion
When I saw this title announced for the 3DS I thought they were just kidding. No they are not, the game is planned for a 2012 release, and considering this is one of Nintendo's worst games of all time...they should use all of that time to attempt and make this game good.

Star Fox 3D
Sorry Nintendo,but you owed us a remake of this game years ago. You get absolutely no points for originality, let's just hope this doesn't flop like you're last handheld Star Fox game.

Metal Gear Solid 3D Snake Eater
MGS: Snake Eater was probably my favorite Metal Gear game of all time. There was no convoluted story and all these crazy underlying motives. I am pumped they are bringing this game back...I just wish it was for the PS3, and not the 3DS

Dragon Quest  Monsters: Joker 2
One of the most exciting games at Nintendo's E3 and its coming out for the original DS. The original game was amazing and I have very high hopes that this game will not only sell out, but also be one of the best Nintendo titles this year.

Kirby Mass Attack
Think Kirby meets Patapon...this game could be interesting. It is definitely a risky move there is no telling how this game will do. I will stay confident since Nintendo has done well with the Kirby series since his rebirth.

Wii U
Initially when I saw this console yesterday, I reacted...poorly...for lack of a better word. After getting over the fact that this has the graphics capability of the original Xbox 360 when it was released. Even that aside, looking at a controller that looks absolutely absurd to hold and is roughly the same size as my head. Also wasn't going to mention that the game they announced with it is a game we already have for both the Wii and the DS, so why the hell are they making another version for the Wii U? It is safe to say when the Wii came out I had already jumped out of the sinking ship that is the S.S. Nintendo. Now they are only justifying my leaving by releasing even less of what the core gamers want, in an even more absurd fashion. So Long and Thanks For All the Fish, Nintendo.

Well that wraps up Nintendo in general, as always when the week winds down expect tons gameplay footage and also a more in depth look at both new systems.

Seriously though who wants to play a real game with this?
Also just so there is no confusion this thing in the above image is the controller..." point exactly"

Article by: Larry Harris

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