Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Sony E3 2011 Conference Wrap Up

Closing the show last night after a short delay, was the Sony press conference. Its no surprise that every CEO that walked onto the stage looked nervous as hell considering the recent outages. After some apologies and jokes they moved immediately right back into what everybody wanted, the entertainment. Thankfully every single game they announced wasn't forcibly mentioned with motion control features...Cough Cough Microsoft.

Infamous 2
Was a little underwhelmed about why this game was even mentioned considering it is now available in stores. I wish they would have taken Infamous 2's time slot and given it to another game. Don't get me wrong its a great game, but I want to see new games not the same old stuff.

Very little is known about this title I have heard tons of rumors, but would rather avoid spreading things that are unconfirmed. It looks to be a very PVP based game, which is huge turn off for myself personally. Hopefully in the next few days we'll have more news.

Medieval Moves 
I pray that is the right name, I have scoured the internet for more information,but it doesn't even come up in a Google search. Either way it looks like a garbage Playstation Move game, which there are already multiple of. It offers things like grappling hooks, and sword fighting...you know those things that every motion controlled game offers.

Star Trek
A game based off a movie...really Sony? While I am excited regardless, movie games have an awful track record, so why show one off at E3? This has me intrigued and agitated I feel like Sony did tons of wasting my time last night.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
They should have focused more on this announcement, but instead absolutely nothing was mentioned about it. Everyone in the room cheered for this game and all we got was a name and a release year.

Resistance 3
Was a terribly quick showing and I cannot remember who was doing the presentation, but he was clearly a disgruntled employee. After kind of talking down to the company that gave him his job, he seemed relatively snarky towards the crowd...IE his consumers. That aside if you loved Resistance 1 and 2 then Resistance 3 is more of the same...there didn't seem to be too much of a difference from the older games.

Not 100% sure how this whole idea will work out other than on paper, but it was a highlight for the show. EVE Online's universe is going to have a whole new planet capturing little brother named Dust. So if you hate flying around in spaceships for 12 hours like myself, then Dust is your cure. It seems to be somewhat like Risk, where you capture footholds on the planet you are invading to eventually win dominance of the planet. Still unsure of how the entire multiplayer aspect of it will play out.

Exclusive DLC
It was vaguely announced that PSN would be getting exclusive content for Battlefield 3, SSX Tricky and Need for Speed: The Run. SSX will be getting an epic Mt. Fuji course to run, which can only be described as freaking ridiculous. Need for Speed will be getting 7 exclusive cars to drive around, strictly to be released for the PS3 version. Lastly Battlefield PS3 owners will be receiving a copy of Battlefield 1943, which is a nice little gift for PS3 owners.

Uncharted 3
No surprise with this being mentioned, multiple times I might add. It looks to be an amazing title with plenty of twist. Naughty Dog is constantly raising the bar for entertainment, which is why these games sell so well. Expect to see plenty of gameplay footage when E3 starts to wind down.

PS Vita
I like to call this new handheld "This Should Have Been the PSP They Promised Us Years Ago". Yes its a lengthy title, regardless it will be falling into our laps this holiday season and the price is very reasonable. A 3G model will cost you $300 and AT&T will be the the service provider. Also a Wi-Fi model will only run you around $250. There are tons of features dual cameras and touch screens, and FINALLY DUAL ANALOG STICKS!!!! THE HEAVENS SHALL OPEN UP!!! My only question is this, backwards compatible?...To clarify actually backwards compatible, not like Nintendo where its backwards compatible....if I buy the game I already own again for a console thats less than 3 years old.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss
One of the first titles showcasing the power of the PS Vita. The game in its own respect looks amazing, and the touch screens worked very well. My only worry is how does the story tie in with the Uncharted Universe? Either way this game showed how graphically powerful the PS Vita can be boasting dynamic lighting and some very good water effects. This looks to be a great handheld system, but only time will truly tell when we get closer to the holiday season.

This game was definetly the highlight of Sony's press conference for myself. I love Diablo style dungeon crawling games and this game does not look to disappoint. The attachement to Twitter and Facebook seems like an intriguing concept, but the main attraction was multisystem "Cloud Saving". For those that are confused "Cloud Saving" allows the player to save his file to a universal server, and access it from any point. So ideally I could save my game on my PS vita and then go continue where I left off playing on my larger TV screen PS3. This cross platform concept has been an idea in my mind forever and I am hoping for the best.

Street Fighter X Tekken
This game was met with the most applause the entire show, and rightfully so since it was one of the few surprises. It was then announced that Cole from Infamous would be making a guest appearance on both the PS3 and PS Vita versions. A short tech demo was then provided which would stunning on the PS Vita very surprised by the technology behind the PS Vita.

Bioshock Infinite
There wasn't too much else new discussed other than it would now support PS Move. This was very surprising considering Irrational Games studio practically denounced the PS Move and all motion control technology. He does however promise that it will all be completely optional.

Well that pretty much wraps up the Sony conference. My apologies for taking so long lots of things going on its hard to find the time to sit down and write huge articles this week. Nintendo! I'm coming for you next! And I'm not happy!

Article by: Larry Harris

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