Thursday, June 9, 2011

Nintendo's Stock Shares Plummet

After recently bashing Nintendo's idea of gaming consoles, I was met with plenty of anger. I had recieved several emails claiming my biased view towards Nintendo and that I should give them a chance to redeem themselves.

However as "biased" as some my believe my point of view is on Nintendo's gaming direction, it is also supported by a majority of the shareholders at Nintendo. Recent reviews of Nintendo's financials show that around E3 started Nintendo's shares have dropped a large 5.7%. It was mentioned that Nintendo suffered a worse dropper back in around 2009..."Cough, Cough" when the Wii came out. So without a price even being revealed for the new Wii U, Nintendo is already taking a financial hit. At which point I stopped receiving emails calling me a "Hater"..."Hmm...seems strange...".

Bwah! Have fun with your Wii U
Article by: Larry Harris

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