Monday, June 17, 2013

Youkai Watch And Little Battlers W Super Custom

Once again I get to report on two games that we will probably never receive in a timely manner. Though I have no doubt that Level-5 will eventually port them over when they have a few free moments.
Youkai Watch is an interesting ghost catching game in which the character will utilize his watch to see ghost and communicate with them. It will also be receiving an anime adaptation in January 2014, with a manga release some time around this Christmas. It will be available for the 3DS on July 11th in Japan.

The Little Battlers W Super Custom is essentially an upgraded version being ported from the PSP to the 3DS. The gameplay is along the lines of Medabots RPG meets Custom essentially the best robot game ever. While it seems unlikely we will get a version in the states I will still keep some faith. Little Battlers W Super Custom will be out on July 18th in Japan.

Article by: Larry Harris 

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