Thursday, March 21, 2013

New Sony Patent May Come With Trophies

Though I do not count myself amongst those called "Trophy Hunters" I will agree they do seem to have a positive effect on gaming. Hopefully this new patent will finally resolve my issues with a majority of PSN games.
The idea behind this patent is to bring trophies to games lacking them without anyone having to shell out the money to patch them in. Essentially this will increase value of PSN games and revitalize interest in titles already owned. The process will act as a passive "Trigger" via the Sony servers which when the said "Trigger" is hit will activate the trophy and distribute it as per usual. My confusion comes with a question "Why Now?" they have already presented with the PS4 announcement the problems it will face. Sony has stated that with the PS4 and the new Playstation Store there will be no backwards compatibility that includes with downloaded titles. So with less than a year before the console release they expect customers to shell out money on games they will probably have to repurchase on their PS4. This is assuming they have not resolved that issue, though little to anything has been mentioned. Either way this will hopefully become a theme with old titles when they are introduced to the store, giving us just a bit more incentive to play through Final Fantasy VIII for the 11th time.

If you would like to read more about this little loop hole which is quite simplistically ingenious, the full 12 page patent can be found here:

Article by: Larry Harris

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