Monday, February 25, 2013

Help Everyone Dies In Utah Via Kickstarter

I just recently discovered this project and was immediately interested. They are simply asking for help to continue touring...not something terribly crazy for a band to want.
Though they are signed to a record label we all know that these bands do not make tons of money. It was once stated that even bigger bands in the post-hardcore or any corresponding genres make very little cash. While I can't remember the figure I believe it lands between 20,000 - 30,000 a year. That is hardly enough to survive a healthy lifestyle. So in comes Kickstarter a way for us to finally help people achieve their dreams and goals. As I have stated in the past I  strongly support Kickstarter spending most of my own money helping others continue their dreams. Confide was the most recent band that I can remember. I'm getting sidetracked... either way Everyone Dies In Utah has the normal band struggles. Things such as tour van troubles, equipment upkeep, etc... I ask any of my readers to pitch in and help these guys gain as much as possible. There are also some nifty awards involved for those that assist, and the campaign has about 37 hours remaining. Thanks in advance for everything.

Article by: Larry Harris

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