Monday, January 7, 2013

Nvidia's Project Shield So Far...

While I was not too surprised by the announcement, I was impressed with how visually stunning everything looked. Project Shield is essentially the most ideal handheld gaming system to be presented to date.
It does away with the gimmicks like Sony and Nintendo and simply delivers a portable gaming system. They didn't build it around forcing consumers to buy over-priced accessories. While there hasn't been a price or date announced yet this is definitely a game changer, and something like this really makes Sony and Nintendo look bad. To be honest I am waiting for Sega to announce its return to console making considering the new direction the company is attempting to take, but this is also a nice change.

Though there has been little said on specs here is the rundown of features so far:
  • 5 Inch 720 HD Display
  • Android based with open platform
  • Uses new Nvidia Tegra Technology
  • Can play any PC game
  • Has Micro SD slot for expanded storage
  • Can connect to TV via HDMI port
  • Has access to Google and Android stores
  • Customizable plate on back
  • 5-10 hours of game battery life
  • 24 hours of HD video play
  • Has a Bass Sound System
It has been said to be released in Spring of 2013 and pricing will soon be announced as well. Just watch the presentation and be amazed and pray it won't cost $900.00.

Article by: Larry Harris

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