Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Woe, Is Issues: The Gloves Are Off?

So there is a lot of buzz in the post-harcore world today with both big named bands Issues and Woe Is Me practically spitting at each other. I'm not surprised by any of this considering there is no love lost between the two bands over the last year or so.
My issue is more with Rise Records pretty much fueling the fire in an effort to make money and promote both bands. Issues and Woe Is Me both have albums coming out within a week of each other, which seems like clever marketing on Rise's part, but it also makes me fear how the labels involvement will infect their musical process. After listening to both songs it is safe to say Rise will certainly profit off both bands pure hate for each other, as cold and calculated as that seems. I understand the need to vent in music, but I hope that both albums aren't just lyrics spewed at each other in an effort for dominance. Below are both videos:

My favorite part about Woe Is Me's video below comes at around 4 minutes with the lyrics "So let me make this clear, don't bite the hand that feeds you" Shortly after these lyrics in the bottom right corner you will notice the shameless Rise Records logo pops up...feel free to giggle...

Article by: Larry Harris

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