Monday, August 6, 2012

Demonoid Gets The Banhammer

After tons of speculation news broke earlier today that Demonoid headquarters was busted by the police. Throughout the week several events lead to these arrest and seizures.
Taking place in Ukraine's largest datacenter ColoCall, where Demonoid was established a source revealed the investigators came and sealed any information they could find. This was following a "DDoS Attack" or Distributed Denial of Service Attack, during which the Demonoid Admin was almost positive a hack was initiated which lead to the arrest in Ukraine. None of this is surprising however there is believed to be fool play about, many stating that they broke no actual Ukrainian laws, but was actually influenced by outside forces (I.E. USA) to take the site down. It is believed that Demonoid's dismantling was used as a gift for when  Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine "Valery Khoroshkovsky" made his first trip to the United States. Even after all of this ColoCall refused to reveal the identity of the server administrator for Demonoid, and only told them he was stationed in Mexico. As of now he has yet to be Demonoid may return...someday.

Article by: Larry Harris

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