Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day Z Stands Alone

Day Z was a mod for ARMA 2 which was a less than spectacular military simulation game that takes place somewhere in Russia. Dean "Rocket" Hall decided what the game lacked was a massive mod that involved awkward zombies and permanent death.
The world responded in kind by skyrocketing this mod too 1,000,000 users in several months and landing Dean at job and ARMA 2's studio Bohemia. Now he admitted the game had flaws that simply could not be fixed without extensive work and also that he was displeased with Gamespy's servers. Regardless people spent days locking out their servers to cheat and get vehicles only to kill new players as they joined the fight for survival, a serious problem that I hope is addressed. Either way now Dean has a full studio backing and hopes to ignite an entirely new stand alone game. However now he will certainly be faced with scrutiny since he will be developing a full game rather than a free mod. Also he is now rivaled with competition such as Fortnite and WarZ. Hopefully he continues to strive and release amazing content...possibly hunting dogs or just other animals in general...Zombie Bears?

Article by: Larry Harris

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