Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Slow News Day Round Up!!!

I usually try to get at least one news article up a day, but recently nothing impressive has stirred me. In an attempt to counteract this dilemma I will do a nice little wrap up.

Of Mice & Men Album Update:
These guys are back in the studio putting together demos, for a possible 2012 album. This is great news for any fans of Austin Carlile or the band in general.

PS Vita Not Getting UMD Transfer System:
North America gets further isolated being told today we will not be receiving the program to digitally transfer our PSP games to the coming PS Vita handheld system. Don't be surprised it is not the first time Japan has slapped us in the face...hence why the PS3 and the PSP are some of the most hacked and modded systems.

Our Girl Jessica Nigri Makes it to Round 2:
While this is not surprising news for most, I am glad to see her still pushing for the goal line. Voting is still going on over at IGN, so remember the deal "vote until your fingers are no more" We have helped her out this far and I aim to see the gold medal...or chainsaw as it may be...Just remember scroll towards the bottom to vote and you can vote until IGN puts you in a metaphorical corner with their cool-down periods.

Lastly I will be undergoing some personal medical treatment, because my ears are all sorts of wacky. I will try to update everything as much as humanly possible, but MDB and Zipper will more than likely be stepping in for a bit. So just know that I love you all and keep voting for our lady friend Jessica. When all else fails just remember "All your base are belong to us"

Article by: Larry Harris

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