Thursday, February 9, 2012

Jonny Craig - Rock Bottom

No this is not a new track by Jonny Craig, he is literally at the bottom. All this stems from a post that was released roughly 24 hours ago and a story to go along discussing the saga of Jonny Craig since his arrest months ago.

While the source is still anonymous and nothing has yet to be proven, the story is all too real to be completely work of fiction. Here comes a long depressing story so get ready:

"Jonny Craig was flown out to record a song, but showed up in an extremely unhealthy state. Craig was constantly bleeding from scabs that were most likely caused by heroin injections. Craig later revealed that he had been more or less homeless and was staying at a hotel that was being paid for by Dance Gavin Dance.
Constant issues continued while Craig was in the studio including excessive heroin use and poor vocal takes.
The source spent thousands of dollars on paying for flights for Craig, meals, living, and other arrangements. The source tried multiple times to get Craig help, but Craig always neglected and continued using drugs.
Craig also made multiple jokes about scamming fans out of money for things like food and cell phone bills in order to buy drugs.
When asking about being paid back, Craig told the source that he would be paid via Craig’s royalty earnings. Craig went as far to set up a fake email address from his ex-manager trying to prove to the source that he would be paid back. The source found the manager’s real email address and the manager had no idea of the situation or Craig’s location.
When the source tried to fly Craig back out, Craig claimed he missed a flight due to being in a car crash with his mother. When the source contacted Craig’s mother, she said that she had no idea of the situation or Craig’s location.
After Craig was released from jail he was given the option to have parole for a year in addition to taking drug classes and weekly drug tests. Craig had until last week to comply to the court order, but failed to meet it. Will Swan from Dance Gavin Dance confirmed this to the source.
Craig is now in Canada. The source has stated that Craig’s ex-manager confirmed a warrant out for Craig’s arrest and believes he may never return to the United States due to facing jail time.
Swan also told the source that they were hoping to finish one last tour with Craig before reevaluating the entire situation, but the band never was able to get to that point."
The source would like to stress that he spent thousands of dollars trying to help Craig, but failed due to Craig’s drug addiction."

The Above Story Was Summarized By The Fellows At AltPress
Remember none of this has been determined as fact however some pictures were also released that went along with the story and these are clearly not faked. They will be posted below Viewer Discretion Is Advised.
A Soul
A Shell
Article by: Larry Harris

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