Wednesday, February 1, 2012

10 Games In 2012 To Be Excited About!!!

That is right yet another list from us to excite you about the year to come. Some titles were not added due to the inconsistency of the release dates, mainly any game made by Blizzard or Gearbox.
The list has been narrowed down to 11 (Yes we are aware the title says 10.) because it was impossible to get just ten games that everyone could agree on, so consider it a bonus.

11. Dragon's Dogma
May - 22

10. Ni no Kuni

09. Aliens: Colonial Marines

08. Binary Domain
February - 28

07. Planetside 2

06. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
May - 22

05. Twisted Metal
February - 14

04. Torchlight II

03. Grand Theft Auto V

02. Tomb Raider

01. Mass Effect 3
March - 6

Article by: Larry Harris

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