Friday, May 20, 2011

Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3?

After browsing the interweb today I realized that nobody is really hyping this game for its upcoming release date. Now I know what you’re saying "Well that's because the last 2 sucked majorly" and yes they were awful. However in Japan people loved those games and this one is even more highly anticipated. The art style has changed to cell-shading, something I strongly support for any anime/manga adaptation game. While I am upset that I can't play as Sandrock from Gundam Wing, the cast of characters is very good and it will be fun to slash through my enemies.

I cannot say much for the story, but I am hoping they stay close to events in each given series, while taking some liberties of course. Now everyone get ready for this game in the coming month or two...I believe its sometime in June. Don't forget to click on the images for a bigger picture in case you are computer illiterate

Article by: Larry Harris

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