Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Red Faction Armageddon Demo Incoming

Red Faction: Armageddon, is the latest game to be released in the series and continues the story of the Mason family. The demo will be available on May 3rd through PSN and Xbox LIVE and the full game will be released at the end of May. It definitely looks the be the most expansive Red Faction and I hope they continue their physics engine because in my opinion as far as structures and destruction, it is one of the best.

For the first time players will assume the role of Darius Mason and fight their way through Martian sewers and an oncoming alien infestation. Meanwhile, Darius must clear his name as the colonists have blamed him for unleashing the alien threat that has ravaged the underground cities of Mars. Players will have at their disposal the Nano Forge as they combat alien invaders with concussive blasts and core-shattering tremblers. Rebuild all that you destroy with the Nano Forge’s incredible Reconstruction ability. Finally, throw entire buildings at your enemies with Red Faction’s signature weapon, the Magnet Gun.

Written by: Larry Harris

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