Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Brokencyde Beats Punchline Literally

Since this story was posted there has been plenty of miscommunication on what happened, so I'm going to do my best to sort it out. The drummer of Punchline was saying mean things about Brokencyde either personal or about their music. He continued to run his mouth until David Gallegos the vocalist of Brokencyde decided that his fist would fit their much better. While it has been said that the band jumped drummer Cory Muro, there does not seem to be too much truth to the statements. The injuries did not seem terribly serious, I have been wounded worse from my encounter with doors and windows, but I wish him a healthy recovery.

In response to the assault the Punchline started a website called BrokencydeSucks.com, because that was the mature way to act. On the website you can obtain Punchline's album Delightfully Pleased by donating money to help cover hospital cost, or just by donating $0.I am a native Pennsylvanian and musician so I must support my home state bands. However it does not mean that either side was right, every time violence is used in the name of "music" it always paints a terrible picture for the industry. I hope everyone a speedy recovery and hope that maybe this will allow both bands to grow up a little so they can continue to produce the music they love making.

This is Brokencyde
This is Punchline

This is the result of indifference
Article by: Larry Harris

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