Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Arcane Hearts 3 Hits PSN

While this may be the third installment of Arcane Hearts, it is only the first released on American soil. It is very sad considering how amazing this fighting game truly is, everyone should be allowed to play it. There is a cast of 23 very vibrant characters each with their own unique skill sets centered around Defensive, Balanced, and Offensive. You then combine your fighter with an Arcana, all of which also have their own stats. This can make for plenty of fighters all with unique strengths and weaknesses. I have spent several hours just combining the two elements to get the most out of the fighter I chose.

I would merely caution those new to fighting games, even though there are difficultly settings and a simple mode, rushing into this game will mean certain defeat. Competitively Arc System Works has offered their assistance lending this game one of the greatest multiplayer services in the business. For those unaware Arc System Works, is responsible for both BlazBlue games multiplayer modes. The game is only 30 bucks so shell out the cash support a great fighting game and I will hopefully see you online!

Written by: Larry Harris

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