Thursday, January 3, 2013

Catching Up

So obviously I have not been around much lately no big surprise really for anyone. However over this next month I will be trying to play catch up and also keep on top of music and game reviews. Anime is going to have to take a backseat for the time being while I continue to play catch up.
I'll have a games of January article up tomorrow at the latest, and will continue to try and revive my spirit for doing articles and just loving these industries for what they are now and will eventually come. With that said a new system will be added to reviews to help people better understand my stances on certain things regardless of their score. It will come in the form of my own Flaming Fist Seal...and yes the Photoshop is awful...I know.
There Is Still A Job Opening In The Art Department...
Essentially this will symbolize that I approve of this game personally regardless of the score reflection. It will go on every review even if I do not review the game myself. This will help people understand that even if a game has flaws I stake my reputation to say its at least worth buying and playing. I will also start reaching out to companies and bands for email interviews or even phone interviews over the next year to show my true commitment which has been lacking up until now. If everyone else believes in this site enough to get it 1,000,000 views I owe them. If there are any games,anime, or albums you want reviewed or just want my opinion on please feel free to email or drop me a message on Facebook and I will make every effort to be hasty.

Article by: Larry Harris

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