Thursday, November 8, 2012

Square-Enix Is A Failure

Many have felt and often voiced similar opinions in the past, but this statement is coming from Hisashi Suzuki, the former Square boss. He has come out attacking the merger from 2002 which seemingly sloped Final Fantasy downwards.
Suzuki has stated the merger as "a complete failure" and that Square-Enix has "no vision for the future". These statements were made after a report from Square-Enix claiming slow sales of a major HD title, which everyone assumes is Sleeping Dogs. He also pointed out that Square-Enix has not exceeded the total of value of Square before the merger, which is not surprising. It does not take an expert to see that Square-Enix is dumping tons of money and resources into titles that are disappointing. Sleeping Dogs being the only exception however according to Square-Enix.

As a fan of Square's work it certainly seems to be pointing to a lack of leadership and resource management, Hisashi Suzuki now works for SEGA and that company has seen a large increase in popularity and sales, so it is safe to say his opinion is valid. A majority of fans from both ends of the world have been let down since the merger, and if things keep going down this route soon enough Square-Enix will find themselves in a hole. Let's hope that this is a wake up call to both companies or else in the not so distant future we may be buying our Final Fantasy games from EA or Activision....I shudder at the thought...

Article by: Larry Harris

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