Friday, March 9, 2012

Wherefore Art Thou?

Well that is a pretty simple answer, Playing the crap out of Mass Effect 3. In previous weeks I was finishing up all of my old playthroughs preparing for the final installment to the Shepard Franchise.
After playing for dozens of hours and hardly making a dent in the single player there are some major concerns. Most of those come in the form of bugs, especially when it comes to making Paragon related choices. That will all be covered in the upcoming review. Along with this nice little list of things:

  • New Weekly Schedule For Post
  • Several Game Reviews Including: Mass Effect 3 And Binary Domain
  • The Return of Zipper and hopefully MDB
  • A New Page About The Fellows That Try To Keep ThreeCheersForMedia Functional
  • Plenty Of Anime Reviews
  • Music Reviews Such As: I See Stars And Hands Like Houses
  • Other Things That I Haven't Even Thought Of!!!

Article by: Larry Harris

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