Monday, February 20, 2012

BioWare Struggling With Some Writer Issues

Within a week the entire survival of BioWare's writing staff has come into question starting with notably one of the greatest fantasy writers of all time leaving.
Drew Karpyshyn the lead writer on every title that made BioWare popular announced days ago that he was leaving to pursue his own aspirations of the book variety. A serious blow to BioWare, though I doubt they cared much considering he just finished working on the biggest RPG title of all time Mass Effect 3. Even though he left on good terms and praised his colleagues, some could not help but delve into the staff pool to see who would take Karpyshyn's place which is when some old information surfaced. Senior Writer Jennifer Hepler had done an interview in 2006, and had some majorly objective things to say about the game industry. To save you from reading tiny print I will summarize what she said.

She hates playing video games and wishes you could skip all the combat and everything else and just listen to the dialogue.

This left gamers fuming that such an atrocious perspective should be aloud to even write for video game companies. She received threatening emails and phone calls, and even had to delete her Twitter account due to people posting hateful comments. Below is just a polite example of how much people dislike her.

BioWare has risen up to defend her, but that charade will only last so long considering if this woman does not attempt to appease the masses BioWare will lose plenty of business. While I was personally angered by her comments and if I owned a gaming company would have immediately fired her, one must remember being a game writer does not require that you love playing games. I am positive there is more than one story writer that hates games, but writes for them. It is tough to say what BioWare will do, I am sure they will pretend the interview was a joke or she was taken out of context, but do gamers really want a game hater assisting in writing all of their beloved games? If the gaming industry should learn anything let it be that the internet is an unforgiving world of haters, so never allow your employees to do interviews.

Article by: Larry Harris

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