Tuesday, January 3, 2012

After A Nice Little Vacation

So after having a snow-less Christmas and working a 70+ hour work week I finally got some time to focus on the direction of the site.
While I am still mulling over the idea of getting the entire blog turned into one giant website there are other ideas  coming to maturity. The whole concept of character battles has been something I always talk about because every site tries to do it based off votes which in my personal opinion is about as reliable as a zombie secretary. So for awhile on and off I have been fiddling with a system to try and make it fair to have all sorts of characters combating each other whether it be from an anime or video games. Also the other plus side is thanks to Star Wars Old Republic it seems the world of music and video games has stopped functioning, though some might try to give Christmas credit as well. So hopefully the media picks up so we can get back into the swing of things. Lastly though some reviews were missed due to conflicting schedules we are trying to get back on track and focus on more recent releases, and hopefully get back to the older ones at a later date. From the small family at ThreeCheers I wanted to wish you all great fortune in the upcoming apocalyptical year of 2012.

Article by: Larry Harris

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