Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Xbox Live Hackers Amongst Us!!

So this story broke out yesterday, though I was a bit preoccupied and did not get the chance to post it immediately. I announced it via my Facebook, but just did not get the article up in a timely manner...so I apologize.
 So apparently multiple users have been having major theft issues though I cannot give you exact numbers, due to Microsoft covering up practically the entire story. From what I have found there have been over a couple thousand reports of illegal transactions all with the same unique trademarks, The hackers gave their victims some FIFA 11-12 achievement points. They are buying large amounts of MS Points and Xbox Live Gold Time and then bouncing the purchases all over accounts to avoid getting caught. At this moment no one person is being blamed and they have yet to catch the culprits. My best advice is check your accounts and if anything seems inconsistent, contact Microsoft Support. After getting no help from Microsoft, which I presume will be the case, I would contact legal advisers because I smell a lawsuit coming.

FYI: This picture represents how concerned Microsoft is about your safety

Article by: Larry Harris

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