Friday, September 16, 2011

New Woe Is Me Vocalist Announced

It is no surprise that after Tyler Carter's departure to pursue his own dreams as a solo artist, that Woe Is Me would find a replacement. The man chosen for this role actually has a history with most of the band members.
After thousands of tryouts Hance Alligood they decided was right for their band. In my personal opinion his vocals lack that uniqueness that Tyler brought to the band, thus just making them yet another Post Hardcore band. Luckily even if the new vocalist is bad they already have great popularity so it won't really matter at least not for now. Take a listen to the press release below and hear their new track "Vengeance" preview towards the end. After listening go ahead and tell me they do not sound like every other Post Hardcore band you have already heard.

Article by: Larry Harris

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