Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How Many Problems Can Dead Island Possibly Have?

Unfortunately for Dead Island this game has had the worst release issues so far in 2011. While many are aware of the major performance bugs and issues the game has presently, the company assures us they are working hard to remedy the errors. One of the bigger issues being the HUGE mistake of releasing an unfinished developer's version of Dead Island on launch day through Steam, and taking almost an entire day to realize it. The file has since been removed and everyone's save files have been deleted. So now everyone gets to redownload the game they already own and restart any save files they had. PC issues aside it seems like every patch they release causes bugs and errors for another part of the game.

That being said I have decided to hold off fully reviewing the game to give Techland a chance to sort out the issues and make the game more playable. Although the bugs and issues will be factored into the overall review either way. There are reasons you don't launch an unfinished game

Article by: Larry Harris

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