Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Augustana Calls It Quits

A few months after their album release and dropping out of summer tours, Augustana finally announces the split. It is unfortunate that this band is complete, but at least the split was mutual.
“Basically the two original members with me as well, Justin [South] and Jared [Palomar], have parted ways. It’s a sad thing, but it’s been an amicable split and it’s just kinda tough,” Layus reveals. “It’s hard to keep a band together. We had a good run and it was a blast while we could do it, but everybody is good. Everybody is friends. It’s just tough to sustain a business like that.”

“Relationships have always played a big factor in my songwriting because it’s one of those first things where I get an idea, I sorta reflect and express what’s going on in my head [and] my heart,” the singer explains. “Musically, we really draw from songwriters like [Tom] Petty, [Bruce] Springsteen and [Bob] Dylan. [They’re] these guys who have longevity and a unique nature of their songwriting where they can put something down and be just as relevant in 2011 as they are in 1972. It’s something we certainly shoot for.”

Their latest album was amazing and it is truly a shame that the end has finally come. However I am sure their music will survive through the years. Reunion Tour maybe?

Article by: Larry Harris

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