Thursday, June 2, 2011

MDB's Outlook On E3 2011

Here is a list of things that I want to see happen when E3 comes around next week. The list will range from highest to lowest probability that it will be announced at E3. I am going to list games that I think will be announced.

High Possibility!
Grand Theft Auto 5 - With Red Dead Redemption and L.A. Noire being amazing successes over the last year, it would only make sense for Rockstar to announce the next big game.

Resident Evil 6There hasn't really been any news about this coming out this year, but for some reason I have a feeling that they will announce it this year.

Medium Possibility!
Kingdom Hearts 3 - Years have gone by with not even a hint to is the time to announce it for PS3.

Persona 5The reason why I think this isn't high is because they might just announce it for Tokyo game show instead.

Half-Life 3Will this be the year when they finally announce this highly anticipated sequel to the Half-Life series?

Low Possibility!
Shenmue 3The person who made this game wants to make this, but I think it won't happen anytime soon.

Final Fantasy XVThey already have their hands full with the sequel to 13 as well with other games on their belt so I believe that it probably won't be announced this year.

Article by: MDB

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