Friday, May 6, 2011

Motionless In White Drops Their Guitarist

This news broke yesterday, but I had prior obligations that kept me from originally completing this here it is today.TJ Bell will no longer be a part of Motionless In White, after an ordeal leaves the band unwilling to continue with him. I am not a huge fan of drama, but in order to understand the situation properly I will do my best to simply state the basics. TJ told Escape the Fate he would fill in for them and that the guys from MIW already knew about it. When in actuality they had no freaking clue, and go figure were not happy after finding out on such short notice. He also told the band he did not like any of them and simply toured with them so he didn’t have to go work a "real job", because that’s the classy thing to do.

While it shouldn't be surprising to see such self-serving agendas anywhere in the music industry it still shocks me how full of themselves people can be. To Motionless In White, I am sure you'll have no problem finding a replacement, and to TJ have fun working a "real job" after Escape the Fate dumps you off because if I was any band I wouldn't touch anyone who doesn't love music and just wants money.

Article by: Larry Harris

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