Saturday, April 30, 2011

Persona 4 The Animation Annouced

On April 9th a persona 4 anime was announced. Nothing else at the moment has not been detailed about the anime though but previews so keep a lookout for any more news about it in the upcoming months. When I saw this news I couldn't help but get excited about what they could do with persona 4 in an anime perspective so here is to high hopes it will be pretty good. On related personal thoughts about why this anime was announced was that there's a possibility that they are doing this as a move to announce persona 5 in the future possibly via e3 or Tokyo game show so they could possibly get more fans to buy the games or get more widespread appeal to everybody who doesn't know about the persona series. If you have played any of the persona games and loved them like I did then you can only hope the anime will live up to how good the game was.

Article by: MDB

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